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M.R.T. Engineering LTD. was founded in 2003  by  Mr.  Murat Aroyo, BEng.

Mr.Aroyo began his engineering career in Israel in 1991 with a major role in the construction of exclusive hotels.In 1995  the  partnership Calibra  Building & Management Ltd." was formed  with his  CEO and Chief Engineering.Numerous public,office and residential buildings were successfully completed during the lifetime of the partnership.

M.R.T. brings to its clients 18 years of experience in all major branches of construction,modern methods and management,the long-term employment of professional team,relationships with the same sub-contractors and proven suppliers.

M.R.T. believes that the way to customer  satisfaction  is: high quality workmanship by professional  employees , management  and  follow  up  of every step of the project by  the  company's  engineers and meticulous attention to time tables.The company takes  full  responsibility  during  and  after completion of every project.

M.R.T.  is  proud to present some of   Mr.  Aroyo's  recent past projects.